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I see what you were trying to do....

Good stuff! That page turning bit of actionscript DOES come in handy! It's nice to see it being used for something fun, for a change.

I see what you were trying to do. I'm afraid, however, the artwork was a bit amateur though. I work for a design agency and, although it's still good, we would never use anything quite so simplistic. I like the way the artwork was composed (using paint splatters here and there, the use of different media etc) but it didn't quite cut it for me. Its as though the artist fancies himself as a great illustrator but can't quite 'walk the walk'.

Sorry if this review seems a bit disappointing but I have to speak the truth. If I didn't then there would be no point having constructive criticism. I think the story is fine but the artwork MUST be improved upon.


It didn't actually work. It loaded up ok but then when I heard the audio come in there were like, 3 images in total. One image of a white light with half the word 'Transportation' on the screen, one image of a close up of a man's eyes, and then just a blank, brown image.

I only gave it a 5 because everyone else seems to think it's amazing, but it didn't work for me. Not sure why.

EDIT: Just reloaded it, still doesn't work. Sorry!


Thats amazing for a first attempt!

Who did the audio? Love that tune!

Leave me alone

If I wanted someone to preach about smoking and it's affects to me, I'd go and seek it out from a medical centre/hospital. DONT TELL PEOPLE WHAT AND WHAT NOT TO DO!!!! Also, dont ever submit anything on NG again. Your artwork is shockingly bad.


Funny stuff! I'm loving MARL!

Thanks for using my audio in this, bro!

rockymike responds:

Not a problem. Actually what happened I had yours originally as a song I had considered but wasn't going to use; however, when I went to upload the flash the song I first had in the opening had been deleted from the audio portal. So I went back and reworked your song into the opening.

Your song turned out much better, I think.

Thanks again!

So Original!

That has to be one of the most original animations I've seen in AGES! I liked the second one but for some reason, the first has a much more syncronised feel to it!

Keep 'em coming, dude!


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